Finding the right location to learn to fly a helicopter is the first step in getting the best training. At Konect Aviation we want each student to be successful and confident in flying helicopters.

Tailored Helicopter Flight Training

Different pilots have individual needs and unique personalities. Konect Aviation offers helicopter pilot training courses that are designed for each student to give the best chance for success and fun in the learning environment. We train each student individually in a one on one training environment.

FAA approved Flight School

Our school is a Federal Aviation Administration approved flight training school and we train under FAA Regulations Part 61. We combine instrument ratings and R44 CFI signoffs to make the most of each course for the student. We offer professional instruction at an affordable price.

Professional training conditions

Training at the perfect location is an important step in becoming a successful pilot. We are located at a small municipal airport and have the ability to fly to busy airspaces within minutes. Our students learn from experienced instructors that know how to make your helicopter pilot training an enjoyable experience.

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