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Thank you!

Thank you so much for the flight of my daughter and her friend. I know they absolutely loved it and had a great time. I'm sure my daughter will always remember her 15th birthday as a special one.

Thank you!

Emmy, Keizer, OR

Taking it to another Level

What an incredible way to wow your clients, develop deep-rooted business relationships, and create long lasting memory. Bob Bunn "The Trolley Guy" is fantastic as master of ceremonies and Ingo Nehls at Konect Aviation literally takes the event to another level. The partnership between The Trolley and Konect Aviation makes for a spectacular memorable event!

James L. Tadeo, Regional Vice President, Northwest Region

Arriving like a Rockstar ...

I decided to surprise my husband with a helicopter flight, as he had never been on one. We took the downtown ride. WHAT FUN! We lucked out and missed rain, the sun came out to highlight the sights of Portland from the air. We did a big circle over town and landed back on the helipad. I can't wait to do another trip. The wine country beckons and nothing like arriving like a rock star.

Thanks again for the wonderful experience. We enjoyed everything!

Reagan and Mark, Portland, OR

What a great time ...

What a great time to end our day of wine tasting. Views from the sky were memorable. The crew at Konect are very friendly, professional and accommodating. This was an experience that our team will never forget. Thanks!

Sarah - Nike

Thank you so much for making our visit to Oregon such a memorable experience!

It was our first helicopter ride and the vineyards the surrounding countryside was such a beautiful place for it. This was indeed the hilight of our trip and if you need a slogan for your company, we might the suggest:
"the ride and the guide with Konect Aviation"!

Mike and Pamm Kowertz, Fresno, CA

Konect Aviation does not offer helicopter rides, they offer helicopter experiences.

"Konect Aviation does not offer helicopter rides, they offer helicopter experiences. The staff makes you feel welcome right from the start and is happy to answer any questions you may have. They eased my nerves before I ever stepped into the helicopter, making my trip even more enjoyable. Their winery tours are amazing and something that every Oregonian should do at least once in their lives. I would and have, recommended Konect Aviation to anyone looking to enjoy a relaxing and pleasurable helicopter experience."

Heidi Scarbrough, Hillsboro, OR

Amazing!! (That's what my husband and 4 year old son said)

After hearing about helicopter rides over Portland Downtown I knew I needed to take the boys flying as they are both fanatical about aviation and this would be Zach's first helicopter ride. The location of the helipad is located on the roof of the smart park on 1st and NW Davis. Isaac and his team were down on Davis as they said they would and escorted us up to the rooftop. Once to the top, there is this wonderful glass enclosed lobby that connects to a similar glass enclosed small conference room. Our pilot, Ingo greeted us and then Zach saw it, the sleek, black helicopter. He wasn't quite sure what was going on, but once I said "you want to go for a ride?" I became, Super-Duper-Way-Cool-Awesome-Best-Mom EVER!

Issac helped get Zach and Shawn loaded up (can fit 3 people & pilot) and then they took off. They flew north towards the Fremont Bridge then turned and headed south over PGE Park, along the west hills. Over PSU football field, past OHSU, over the tram and down to Willamette Park where they turned and headed north again flying over the river back into downtown. Shawn said it was extremely smooth and quiet. He said the headphones that they wore were state of the art which helped to silence out any rotor noise. All along the ride, Ingo the pilot was pointing out points-of-interest, but Zach just wanted to know about the instruments, so Ingo talked about those for him. The trip was about 8 minutes long.

All in all, absolutely amazing. From the Konect Aviation staff who were extremely professional and knowledgeable to the excitement that is still flowing through Zach (had to sleep with ALL of his helicopters that night). I highly recommend this as a great way to see the city, or a winery, or you name it, they can do it.

Michelle Graham, Portland, OR