You have never flown in a helicopter before and for us it is everyday business. We want you to be comfortable, so please ask us any question that comes to your mind. We are the professionals to help you!

Here are some everyday questions and answers:

Do I need to reserve my ride or can I just show up?
You could just show up but chances are that our helicopters are booked by other customers and are gone. We advise to let us know as early as possible. This way you can reserve the time you want to go flying. If you have to change the time or switch dates we can certainly do that based on availability.

What information do you need for a reservation?
We need the day and time of the flight, your name and phonenumber to contact you. An email address might be helpful as well.

Is there a weight limit?
Yes. Depending on the type of helicopter weight limits between 230lbs and 300lbs per passenger apply. Also other limits like total combined weight might apply. If you are uncertain please ask us.

Is there an age limit?
No. We can take kids up as well. Children under the age of 2 years can sit on an adults lap. Every other passenger needs to have their own seat.

Do you fly every day or just on weekends?
We fly every day including holidays!

Are your tours weather dependant?
Yes. The pilot decides if the weather is good to fly or not. A few raindrops or even showers are generally ok to fly in. There is no general answer to this question since it is a case by case decision and too many factors are included, but we do not fly in thunderstorms or fog. Please give us a call if you are concerned about the weather and we'll let you know.

Do I need to make a deposit?
This depends on the flight. Usually we do not require a deposit for tours out of the McMinnville Airport. Most Portland tours require a deposit. If you book the helicopter for an event we might require a deposit. Please ask us for your case.

What happens if the flight gets canceled? Do I get my deposit back?
There are various reasons for a flight not taking place. The helicopters might need unscheduled maintenance or the weather is not good enough. It might happen that you need to cancel the flight. If we are unable to provide the helicopter service you will not be charged and the deposit will be payed back in full.
If the flight is cancelled for customers reasons, we might charge a reservation fee depending on the services we already provided.

Do I need to wear specific clothes/shoes?
No, there are no specific clothes or shoes to wear. We advise to hold on to any loose items like scarfs or hats. Helicopters can produce some wind. Also, if we pick you up on a grass area like a vineyard or golf course you might want to wear flat shoes.

May I tip the pilot?
Our prices do not include gratuity. You are welcome to tip the pilot and they are always happy to know that you appreciate their service.

Please feel free to contact us any time if you have further questions.