How to choose your flight school: geographical location of the school

If you are looking for a flight school you should carefully research and choose the school you want to do your flight training with. This is what we think about the geographical location of a flight school.

Your flight training is what prepares you and sets your roots towards your future in aviation. The earlier you get used to procedures the better. Humans are very prone to habits. We like to get used to things because it makes us feel comfortable. At the same time it is important that your initial training is done right. Changing habits and procedures we used for a long time are hard to change.

Why is the geographical location of your flight school important? It’s about variety and getting used to procedures. In the Pacific Northwest you get the full variety of weather. We have a beautiful summer with temperatures over 100°F. In the winter we’re getting rain, fog, ice and snow. We have sea-level altitudes as well as mountains. All these factors and more influence the performance of an aircraft. The Pacific Northwest brings the full range of possible weather with your initial training and raises your awareness of possible weather hazards.


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